Willy Glow Stick


  • Willy Glow Stick with cord for hanging around your neck.
  • Approx 17cm long
  • Supplied in 6 assorted colours.
  • Sold individually.
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The Willy Glow Stick is the most amazing accessory that all the girls can wear on the dance floor! Simply thread the supplied string through the loop at the top and wear around your neck. Then be ready to throw some serious shapes! Glow Sticks in the shape of a willy (yes, we really do think of everything!) Just like a traditional glow stick, crack your willy when you are ready to activate the glow! The glowing willy will last for several hours.
The WIlly Glow Sticks are approx 17cm long, and supplied in 6 assorted colours. Sold individually.
The Glow Sticks are only the start of all the various Willy Hen Night Accessories we do – to see them all, please click here!
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